The Nuclear Terrorist


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ISBN: 9781466837560
336 Pages

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All of America’s presidents have said nuclear terrorism is the country’s most frightening threat.  Yet U. S. Officials prefer to profit off rogue states instead of opposing and obstructing their nuclear programs.

George W. Bush staffed his administration with officials who privately profited off nuclear states.  Donald Rumsfeld worked for a company that tried to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea.  Dick Cheney’s firm, Halliburton, built up Iran and Iraq’s energy sectors, thus bankrolling their nuclear programs.  President Obama staffed his administration with nuclear power people and tried to help Saudi Arabia acquire nuclear reactors, even though fifteen out of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had informed Obama that the Saudis were the world’s primary financiers of Sunni Islamist terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS.

Nor have these administrations done much about the poor security at U.S. nuclear facilities.  Intruders in mock infiltration exercises smuggle nuclear bomb fuel out of these sites at least half the time.  And the problem isn’t confined to the United States.

The world leaders have done a terrible job of defending their nuclear installations. In Pakistan, al Qaeda-ISIS-style groups have blown up sections of their nuclear sites.  In the US an 82-year-old nun with a heart condition successfully broke into America’s biggest nuclear bomb-fuel storage facility and sprayed peace slogans on the building housing most of this country’s bomb-grade highly enriched uranium. She eluded guards for several hours.  Terrorists could also melt down America’s poorly secured nuclear power plants with shockingly little effort, poisoning for many decades to come an area the size of Pennsylvania.

Nuclear labs have proved that terrorists can build a low-tech nuclear-bomb-fuel reprocessor in months and turn a nuclear power reactor into a nuclear bomb-fuel factory, yet America’s leaders refused to recognize that nuclear power plants represent a proliferation threat.  Moreover, powerful terrorist nukes are shockingly easy to build once the terrorist has his nuclear bomb-fuel.

The Nuclear Terrorist reveals this and much more about the state of this threat today.

Praise for The Nuclear Terrorist

“I was awestruck. Regardless of your political affiliation, you must read this book.”

-- Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Pirate Alley

“Powerful and provocative, this gut-punch of a book is far more frightening than any fictional thriller. Whether or not you share Gleason's conclusions, his broadening of the nuclear-danger issue beyond formal weapons will sober even the cynical. If ever we faced a 'real and present' danger, this is it.”

-- Ralph Peters, author of New York Times bestseller Cain at Gettysburg

“Robert Gleason has lifted up a very large log and carefully catalogued what's crawling underneath. The devil is in the details, and he has found plenty of both.”

-- Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Shattered Trident

“Global warming, deforestation, the despoliation of the earth's natural resources are as nothing compared to a world facing the increasing nuclear terrorist threat. Everyone with the power of literacy needs to read this book--everyone else needs to have it read to them. It's that important!”

-- David Hagberg, New York Times bestselling author of Blood Pact

“Now I'm scared. More frightening and intense than any work of fiction--and we need to pay attention. Bob Gleason has studied nuclear proliferation for over thirty years, so his opinion matters. You have to read this one.

-- Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author The Columbus Affair

“Containing explosive allegations backed up by verified facts, figures, and documents, The Nuclear Terrorist is a horrifying story that must be told.

-- Douglas Preston, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Kraken Project

“I’m awed.  The Nuclear Terrorist is probably the most courageous piece of writing I’ve ever read.  My admiration went up for the author on every page.

-- Thomas Fleming, winner of the Lincoln Prize for Lifetime Achievement in History; former president of the American Society of Historians and PEN; the New York Times bestselling author of The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee